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Governor’s Volunteer Stars Awards 2019

 Any individual whose volunteer activities in Tennessee benefit the community or the State of Tennessee in a substantial, important, or unique way.
 Students receiving course credits are eligible, only if the volunteer service extends beyond course requirements. This must be clearly indicated in the nomination letter.
 National Service program participants (AmeriCorps, RSVP, Foster Grandparents, Senior Companions, etc.) are encouraged to apply based on their volunteer involvement in their national service assignment.


 Individuals involved in “court mandated community service” or those serving as “loaned executives.”
 Persons who receive compensation for service rendered (except National Service participants noted above).


 Volunteers may be nominated by anyone or may nominate themselves.
 The nomination letter should specifically be formatted for the Governor’s Volunteer Star Awards according to the judging criteria listed below. If it is written as a nomination for another award, it will not be given to the judges for consideration of this award.
 In the event that an individual is nominated multiple times, the review panel will consider only the first nomination form submitted.


 Need: Service addressed a specific need in the community (i.e. poverty).
 Action: The nominee was actively involved and took initiative.
 Innovation: The nominee used creative methods to solve community problems.
 Impact: The activity or service produced positive changes and provided an example to others.

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"Tennessee's Community Assistance Corporation"

a state wide non-profit that provides National Service Opportunities' product redistribution, and Public Housing residential services.

The mission of TCAC is to provide needed and direct services to low income family communities, other non-profits, or faith based organizations with the purpose of improving the quality of life for all Tennesseans. 

Since the birth of TCAC in June of 1999 our commitment to Tennesseans’ and partnership with National Service has assisted countless people in improving their quality of life. TCAC has two AmeriCorps programs- Community Cares and Making Veterans Priority (MVP). The programs provide direct services to the frail, elderly, and challenged.  The programs assist in providing job placement, housing, and counseling to Veterans and Military families. AmeriCorps members who serve with our programs are afforded a living allowance, education award, and childcare incentives.
              Our Resident Leadership conferences provide a variety of training's to residents and staff of public housing communities. The annual national conference provides housing volunteers and leaders venues to learn, network, and grow leadership skills. The training they receive will improve community programs, dispel the long outdated negative image of public housing, and other low-income communities.                
              TCAC’s DEPOT is open to the public. The depot provides the community a place to obtain building materials, home goods, office supplies and much more. The products are available at a discounted cost. The Depot also makes donations to other non-profits and faith based agencies and over 100 local and state partnerships.
              TCAC is located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, but our programs meet the needs of thousands of Tennesseans from Mountain City to Memphis.