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Who We Are

Community Cares AmeriCorps program at TCAC is a multi-focus AmeriCorps program that addresses important problems our communities of poverty face including helping seniors, people with disabilities and disadvantage youth. Services that our members provide are; independent living services, basic food support and distribution, and out of school enrichment support to youth who lack access to such programming. Our partnering service sites are all throughout the state of Tennessee. Service locations include public housing authorities, shelters, food banks, and youth centered organizations.

What We Do

What We Do

Community Cares AmeriCorps is a multi-focus program that continues to address some of the diverse and major problems our communities of poverty and rural areas face including assisting seniors and people with disabilities to live independently; providing basic food support and access to food; providing engagement services to at-risk youth; assisting individuals and families who suffer from the rise of temporary crisis that if not addressed can result in long-term instability; and building capacity in organizations to better serve our low income communities with senior and youth programming.


Serving Seniors
& Disabled Individuals

AmeriCorps members serving in this capacity tend to multiple seniors and/or individuals with disabilities. While supplying a multitude of independent living services they also provide them with the companionship they need for social stability.


Food Distribution & Nutritional Education

Members serving in this capacity educate others on food and food access, run farmers markets, distribute food to those who need it, contribute to gardens/community gardens, and provide supplemental and emergency food to those experiencing crisis and food scarcity.

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Youth Enrichment services

These members assist youth with their  homework in afterschool tutoring, individualized reading and class-like programming. Which provides them with basic computer skills and knowledge, all while helping them reach their obtainable goals. Including there parents for peer/family social events.

Resources & Referrals

Members serving in this capacity strive to combat temporary crisis and homelessness. While serving, they are able to assist their service site with the intake process, preparation or distributing food, and implementing a plan to support the person or family in need. 

Capacity Building In NoNProfits & Public Housing Authorities

Members serving in this capacity will develop and support both, senior and youth programs in low-income communities that can be sustained over time. They are placed in grassroots programming to either develop, expand, or optimize programing.

Gets Things Done

AmeriCorps is the “domestic Peace Corps” where thousands of Americans, both young and young in spirit, are willing to get things done through service in exchange for help financing their higher education or repaying student loan debts. AmeriCorps seeks to harness the energy and idealism of Americans who are dedicated to making their communities — and this country — a better place for all of us to live.

Take a chance, find your spark, and inspire someone to encourage a brighter future, help elderly maintain their lives, serve in the wilderness to conserve our public lands, and rebuild communities after disaster.

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Become A Member

Become a Member

The Community Cares AmeriCorps program offers service opportunities throughout the state of Tennessee in a variety of public housing authorities, community-based agencies, food bank, and nonprofit organizations. The program encompasses three different types of positions: Full time (1700 hours / 12 months), Half time (900 hours / 8-12 months) and Minimum time (300 hours / 10 weeks) service contracts may be available depending on service sites and positions offered.

In general, applicants should be at least 18 years of age, have a high school diploma or equivalency, be a citizen or legal resident of the country, and have a passion for serving others, getting things done and wanting to make an impact in their communities.

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Where We Serve

How to Become a Member:

Recruitment for our program is primarily handled by service sites. However, if you are interested and have not been recruited directly by a site, please go to and complete an online application.


Following the instructions for a more detailed guide when completing the application.


Contact the Community Cares Team


Program Director, Rebecca Grubb or


Coordinator, Hayley Samples with any questions or for more information.


My AmeriCorps Portal



For more instructions on how to apply online, please contact us.

Benefits to Being a Member:

AmeriCorps members are given a living allowance, health care (if applicable), childcare (if applicable), and become eligible for the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award upon successful completion of the program. The Segal Education Award can be used to apply to a college, university, and pay off existing loans.


Education award:

Qualifications for Being a Member:

  • Applicants must be deemed eligible to serve by the program and site based on the NSOPW, TBI, and FBI background check results.

  • Have a high school diploma, equivalency, or (post-secondary education and/or related work are preferred) agree to obtain equivalency to receive Segal award.

  • Be a U.S. citizenship or lawful permanent residency in the United States.

  • Be drug free and abide by the Drug Free Workplace policy.

  • Serve in a cooperative manner with other staff members and be able to interact in a positive, professional manner with program staff, agency staff, volunteers, and community members. Abide by the AmeriCorps program and TCAC’s core values.


*AmeriCorps applicants are immediately disqualified if listed on the sex offender registry or convicted of murder. Please review applications prior to recommending members to serve in our program. Applicants are required to disclose criminal history on the application, if applicant does not disclose this information the program then, will automatically disqualify the candidate.

Becoming a Host Site:

Public Housing Authorities, local non-profits, and/or faith-based organizations are encouraged to contact our office for more information on how to get involved with the Community Cares AmeriCorps program.

If you are an organization that engages in; independent living services for low income individuals with disabilities and adults 55 and older, prepare/distribute food, and/or provide youth engagement services to disadvantage youth under 18 years of age that is interested in hosting one or more full, half, or minimum time members, please contact Rebecca Grubb for more information.


We constantly strive to build stronger communities by working together and maintain meaningful relationships with our partner agencies and the communities in which we serve. Approval of a new service site is dependent on a variety of factors; programs application design, focus areas, funding, positions available, and time of year.

Where We Serve

TCAC has acquired over 23 years of experience in administering federal grants, with a partnership with National Service; including AmeriCorps VISTA, Learn and Serve, and AmeriCorps State and National. Throughout our 23 years  we have directly served in more than 50 Tennessee counties in partnerships with public housing authorities, nonprofits, and community-based organizations across the state. Providing vase services to help Tennesseans’ improve their quality of life.


Hamblen County, TN; Putnam County, TN; Cumberland County, TN; Sullivan County, TN; Bledsoe County, TN; Greene County, TN; Washington County, TN; Jefferson County, TN; Unicoi County, TN; Coffee County, TN; Cocke County, TN; Roane County, TN; Carter, TN; Davidson County, TN; Hancock County, TN; Hawkins County, TN; Johnson County, TN; Knox County, TN; Shelby County, TN; Sevier County, TN; Blount County, TN; Grainger County, TN; Claiborne, County; Union County, TN; Dickson County, TN, Franklin County, TN.


Current Partners: 25 Service Locations

  • A Place to Stay

  • Boys & Girls Club of Dumplin Valley

  • Camp Ba Yo Ca

  • Crossville Housing Authority

  • East Tennessee State University (ETSU): Access

  • East Tennessee State University (ESTU): Bucky's Food Pantry

  • East Tennessee State University (ETSU): Service Learning & Field Placement

  • Easter Seals

  • Edgehill Neighborhood Partnership

  • Good Neighbors

  • Grow Oak Ridge

  • Highlands Residential Services

  • Johnson City Housing Authority

  • Life Church Ministries

  • MATS (Ministerial Association Temporary Shelter)

  • Memphis Housing Authority

  • Narrow Ridge: Earth Literacy Center

  • Nations Ministry Center

  • Newport Housing Authority

  • Nations Ministry Center

  • TAFM (Tennessee Association of Farmers Markets

  • TCAC Depot

  • Tennessee Valley Housing Services (Formerly: Morristown Housing Authority)

  • Western Heights Baptist Center

  • WilCo Events

What Members Say



LaTrece Willis

We see the need, and act on it. People are people no matter how big or small/old or young, or the situation they're in, I'm just glad I am in the position to help those who need it.


Lakie Hensley

Stereotypes change, when you're surrounded by people ,their stories, and their paths of life... My own insecurities went out the window. It's not us (members) making the change, it's the people.


Denise Holt

It is a blessing to do this service, to see residents light up and the joy on their faces make all of this worth it, and gives meaning to 'Getting things done'

Program Administrators


Rebecca Grubb

AmeriCorps Program Director

"Allow me to help you better serve your community."

Phone: 423-586-7636 Ext. 310


Hayley Samples

AmeriCorps Coordinator

"Geared to serve, AmeriCorps 'get's things done.' "

Phone: 423-586-7636 Ext. 301

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