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2021 Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce - Small Business Awards of Excellence

TCAC was nominated by a community member to receive recognition and potentially an award of "Small Business Excellence," presented by the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce.

A multitude of GREAT non-profit businesses were nominees for the Morristown Area such as: Girls, Inc., HC*Excell, Keep Morristown Hamblen Beautiful, Lakeway Area Habitat for Humanity Recycling Hope Thrift, Lions Volunteer Blind Industry, Senior Citizens Center, Stepping Out, and Tennessee's Community Assistance Corporation (TCAC). Out of those running, TCAC was able to win and receive the 2021 Non-Profit Business Award!

Throughout the months of February and March small businesses and organizations worked diligently to make their voices heard and their faces seen in the community by updating their websites, filming commercials, and maintaining a social media appearance.

On behalf of TCAC and it's staff, thank you Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce for our 2021 Non-Profit Business Award! We any and all readers to learn more about TCAC and all the community services we provide!

"Embrace the struggle and emerge STRONGER"

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